About Us

Selling cakes, cookies, and pastries

Golden delights bakeryis a online bakery. This bakery started 5thJanuary 2017. This bakery is a small scale family run bakery with 4 employees and all the products are manually produce.

Golden delights bakery sells dry cakes, cookies, pizza, cupcakes, muffins, and pastries. All the products are homemade and freshly baked products and does guarantee the taste will be the same all the time. This online bakery is at saujana utama sungai buloh. The owner of this bakery is Thiviya subramaniam.

Our signature cupcakes are chocolate peanut cupcake and banana chocolate cupcake. 4 to 6 moderate batches of bakery and pastry product are prepared during the day to make sure fresh bakery products are always available. We do care about the packaging and the price too. All the products are well packed so that all the products are kept fresh all the time. All the cakes, cookies, and pastries are made based on the orders. The price is not too expensive.